Know your options.

Make informed decisions.

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know your options

Undertaking breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or oncoplastic surgery lumpectomy is not for every woman. But every woman should know all the available options before she makes any key decisions relating to breast reconstruction. Discuss your options with your doctor.

We believe that every woman has the right to breast reconstruction surgery after surgery for breast cancer.

It is our mission to ensure that every woman understands that she has a right to breast reconstructive surgery after treatment for breast cancer. We provide the help, support and resources women and their families need to make informed decisions around breast reconstruction.

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Empowering women through breast reconstruction

upcoming events

Join us in creating awareness for BRAS and meet others who are passionate about our cause.

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Supporting women, restoring confidence


Undergoing breast reconstruction is an overwhelming and deeply personal experience. But these brave women are sharing their stories.

M Koh, 56

Senior tax officer

Tissue expander recon on September 2012

I was told by a friend, that after having breast reconstruction, the breast cancer returned. However, after going through the whole process, I feel good. I believe that every person should make their own decisions. Millions of people go through breast cancer, but it is important to make a balanced and informed decision. I feel that I absolutely made the right decision.


DA, 40


Free DIEP on March 2012

I found that the breast cancer counsellors from KKH were very helpful. I also obtained information from breast surgeons.

I would advise them not to be scared. Do not be saddened by it. It is not the end of everything. I have trust in the experienced surgeons and feel thankful and grateful to all the staff in hospital.


Tami, 53


Free TRAM on July 2012

I am really delighted that I went through breast reconstruction. I would not change my mind at all. My life would be completely different without breast reconstruction. I would encourage all patients to consider it.